Carmage Walls Commentary Prize

As an editorial page editor and writer, Glenn Marston won the Carmage Walls Commentary Prize in 2014.

The Southern Newspaper Publishers Association oversees the prize. It called Marston's editorials superb.

The six editorials cited in the award explained leadership failures and provided solutions for a police department sex scandal.

Marstons editorials were a demonstration of  perseverance in the face of government obstruction, said the Publishers Association.

In addition to editorials that hold officials accountable to the citizenry, Marston is known for news reporting that is in-depth, investigative and of public service.

Marston has been an editorial page editor twice, managing editor twice and an assistant editor.

He is editor and writer for this website, Inform Well and Just Editorial. Also, he is president of Inform Well, LLC, which publishes these sites.

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